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Lucy and Renee by 10animallover10
Lucy and Renee
Aww I love this picture! <3 Such a great one :meow: This is what we Xenites fight for IF Xena Warrior Princess came back one more time :love: I love these two women so much! :lol: Stay who you both are, girls. Wonderful, talanted, kind and beautiful both inside and out! :)

This photo was posted on Lucys instragram TODAY! :D So Renee is in NZ at the moment? I thought she was in the USA. There goes my (TINY, TINY, TINY) chance upon crossing paths with her once we're back in LA xD But I don't care, they're up to something.. =P

Looking for Roleplayers!

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 29, 2015, 9:38 AM

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Hey everyone! I recently, well since I joined the Temeraire Roleplay Club here on DA, have discovered my like of roleplayng games with my OCs. But I'm also a perfectionist so I have some Dos and Donts and certain standards to fully enjoy it. So I thought I'd make a journal out of what I look for :) (lol, this sounds awfully much like some kind of online dating stuff xD)

I'm going to post my Dos and Donts and some brief describtions of what type of roleplays I like and what OCs I offer. I like clarity so I post it here^^ You're welcome to sent me a note if you're interested. I don't really know what my maximum amount of roleplays are in what I can manage but lets first see with maximum 2 different ones? I have some going on already and some I enjoy better than others and that is seen in my responses and how much time there is in between. I'm going to decide whether to go on with them all of drop some. I feel it's starting to frustrate and stress me out 

- Fetishes of any kind (for example feet, bondage and so on)
- Adult sexual stuff (romance can be nice but no explicite adult stuff)
- Roleplays without a real plot
- Romance between two totally different creatures (Especially human X different species. In example HumanXDragon. But a human and Elf or canines and felines for example is not really a problem. If you have questions regarding something you're not sure I will do, you're free to ask!)
- Non-English speaking roleplays (Dutch is the only exception)
- Preferable not including Canon characters (I don't feel 'worhy' enough to play around with their intrinsic value/uniqueness. I have too much respect, love and admiration for the writers/cast/crew and don't want to butcher the characters)

- Actually, all kinds of roleplays if they fitt the OCs I offer one way or another. I'm not that picky here, just with Donts I am =P
- I'm also willing to change my OCs a bit to fit a certain universe/timeline whatever. It doesn't ALWAYS have to be in the universe/timeline were the OCs originally are from. In fact it's a nice challenge once a while!
- I'm doing my homework a bit regarding some cultures or traits belonging to certain OCs or universes I roleplay in and it would be a pre if the other also knows some stuff regarding this but not a must at all, don't be afraid ;) I just see it as both having fun, character development/depth and maybe even learn something in the process^^

Major components I need in a roleplay to fully enjoy it:
- Sort of a plot. As in vaguely decided beforehand or during the roleplay. A 'silver' or 'red' line for a better lack of therm or discuss it in between a bit
- A bit more detailed/longer posts. As in maybe describing your characters' feelings/thought process or suroundings a bit. Not messages purely like: 'Oke', 'Yes why not', 'I don't really know..' I'd like the characters to really interact :) 
In example to this short post: 'Oke'->'He decided to take this chance. Why not? What could happen? He took some moments to make up his mind before turning back to * with his answer. 'Oke' he answered and they rode off' A bit more story-like :meow:

What I offer; Types of characters:
- I have some dragon characters
- I have some human characters
- I have some Kitsune characters (fox spirits, fox demons. It are canines)

Universes/worlds they are from:
- Temeraire universe (bookseries)
- Our 'real' world but with mystical/hidden stuff (magic, paranormal stuff etc to fitt my OCs)
- Aquiva (my own created world)

Universes/worlds I'd like to play around in:
- Temeraire universe
- Our 'real' world but with mystical/hidden stuff (magic, paranormal stuff etc to fitt my OCs)
- Aquiva (my own created world)
- The Xenaverse (Xena Warrior Princess. I'm HUGE fan. Amazons!) (especially looking for this atm =P)
- Suggest more worlds if you want! :)

If this pricks your curiousity and you can offer me something or have questions, note me! ;)

Have a nice day people!

(I'll close this journal once I have enough signups)

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Personal Quote: It's easier to believe in yourself after someone else has believed in you first ~ Gabrielle From Xena Warrior Princess

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