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What type of fighting in series and movies do you prefer? 

2 deviants said Artillery with space ships and other mass destruction weapons, why?
2 deviants said Other, comment
1 deviant said Action with artillery like guns, pistols, tanks etc, why?
1 deviant said Magical fights all the way, why?
No deviants said Action with swords, spears, bow and arrow, daggers, axes etc, why?


Anime tag meme thing

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 30, 2014, 7:45 AM

I stole this from :iconcattensu:

Felt like doing this :) It’s a bit different than the usual memes^^




10 anime/manga that have impacted my life.


Rules: Don’t take too long to think about it. Ten anime you’ve seen that will always stick with you. List the first ten you can recall in no more than 10 minutes. (Will so take me longer the 10 minutes to fill this out, I'm a super slow writer. T_T Plus I'm folding laundry while I'm doing this so that will also slow me down a lot.)


1: Kannazuki no Miko

Kannazuki no Miko was my first real yuri/shoujo-ai genre anime. After watching my first real anime (stated in this list too and apart from shows like Pokemon and Digimon), I saw a small shoujo-ai part in it and was curious to find more animes like that. Then I found KnM. This anime has touched me big time. I really enjoyed this series. The characters and storyline and emotion and all. I normally dislike mech themes but I love dthis series so much I looked past that. The bond between the two female main characters is like the strongest I’ve ever seen in animes. Theit souls always find each other again, even after multiple incarnations.. One of the main characters is my favorite character ever.


2: Kiddy Grade

This anime is a very high favorite of mine too and always will be. I love the characters, the action, the storyline and the artwork. Also the bond between teh two main female characters is very strong and very enjoyable to see. Also some mecha in it but what you expect, in a galactic police Union that prevents conflicts between different planets in the futuristic world. But with some shady business within it too and compex stories.. Through this series, I sometimes imagine and are curious how our world would be in the future when people are able to go on vacations through galecies, not just on Earth alone. One of the main characters is my favorite character ever.


3: Ga-Rei Zero

This anime has touched me most. I cried during this. I could cry more easily in the past with emotional series but I was getting older an dit happened ot that often anymore at all,but this series succeeded. The female main character have again such a deep bond (I’m a sucker for that if you havn’t noticed by now xD). They at some point only had each other left, the rest was gone.. It was such an emotional series with quite soem blood though. Exorcismn partners/friends/(figurative)sisters.. One of the main characters is my favorite character ever.


4: El Cazador de la Bruja

Another anime with two female main characters havng a deep bond =P In this one, they travel together to find out the truth about the past of one of them. They travel toegther, develope a deep bond and some mystery/magic is wit hit too. It plays in Mexico and has various bounty hunters. One of the main characters is my favorite character ever, I even cosplayed her multiple times :)


5: Wagaya no Oinari-sama

This is a very nice and mild anime. Very easy to follow and just enjoy and.. Youkais! I love Youkais! Especially Kitsunes and the main character in this one is a Kitsune <3 This Kitsune becomes the protector of a family and developes a maternal like bond with the two sons of the family. She protects them from Youkais that want to feed off of their life energy.


6: Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha (StrikerS esspecially)

Best magical girl anime I’ve seen up till now. Because it just is different than the Cardcapter Sakura en Sailor moon and the like. I can’t explain it.. It has 3 seasons and 2 movies. Again much more female characters than male (I’ve always prefered that) Female characters that can kick ass! Love them! <3 I also love magic so that was great. I like that the magic is not just only pur emagic and staffs, but also multiple different weapons enhanced with magic. From staffs to swords to gunst o roller blades :) The defices are also inteligent and talk tot heir ‘master’. The three seasons show the main characters growing up and creating more friends by the season^^ It begins with a young girl who sees/uses magic for the firts time, fight another young girl and becomes freinds, then grow older untill they are 10 years older and have their own new pupils to teach :)


7: Nurarihyon no Mago/Nurarihyon no Mago: Sennen Makyou

This anime is full of Youkais and I love it! So many different kinds! Heard of teh Parade of a Hundred Demons? It’s fromt his series <3 It has 2 seasons and follows a Youkai clan with a new heir. Who is part Youkai, part human and he has to make choices.. Untill both sides of him find a common enemy and his clan joins hi mto safe both humans as Youkais..


8: Fate/Zero/Fate/Zero 2

One of the more bloody animes I’ve seen (Next to Ga-Rei Zero also in this list and more, not in this list) I think this one is more familiar, more people kno wit together with the next anime in the list. I really liked this storyline and also had some tears in my eyes. I loved the characters, the action and the storyline, not to forget the special effects and artstyle! <3 And again teh fact that a female character can kick ass! >:D


9: Fate/Stay Night

Next to the previous anime in the list, I also loved this one. It was nice to see some old characters comming back and some that have grown up more^^ Also the story in here was great and the fact that this series has many ways to follow (judging from teh visual noval, with different ways) Too bad not all the ways were animated.. I fell in love with Rider in this one. She was amazing even though her role wasn’t that big.. She still was one of my favs! :D I so hope that once that woudl animate the way where she is the main character/winning Servent <3 I loved her design, movements and her ultimate weapon and who she was (Yey Greece =P).


10: Mai Hime

This anime was my very first ‘real’ anime (apart from Pokemon, Digimon etc). It is not that known (many of my favorite animes are not that known, they don’t know what they miss!) but still one of my favorites. Through this one, I came in the wonderful Utaku world which I really love I could/can be a part of and gives me a piece of happiness in my spare time I would never have wanted to miss^^ Again mostly female characters who can kick ass. It has action, emotion and magic. Also mechanical/organic beasts that fight and the Himes must save the world as we kno wit from a dnager that will only come once every 300 years. This series also has a side shoujo-ai speck in it which made me look for animes with a more fully Yuri/Shoujo-ai genre. 

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