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Just been to Maleficent in the cinema for the second time <3 Which story do you like more? (when telling why, warn about spoilers in your message,please) 

1 deviant said The classical animated story (why?)
1 deviant said The newest live action story (why?)


The sunrays peeked through the window onto Alicias face. It did not wake her though and she continued to roam through her dreamscape, but then she was startled up by a rooster crowing loudly.
‘What the-!’ Alicia called out as she shot up straight in her bed. Looking around and seeing the still fast asleep Seraphina on a pile of soft cloths and pillows in her room. Right after rudely been woken up from her dreamscape, and seeing the relaxed sleeping Seraphina, she grabbed her stomach instinctively while a pain shot through her lower abdomen.
‘Oh great..’ she said grumpily.
‘Rise and shine!’ Grace Taylor, Alicias potential to choose Second Lieutenant, called out to her happily.
Grace was not only to be potentially chosen as Alicias Second Lieutenant but they also had developed a friendship before Alicia became Captain of her own. Grace did well in reckoning her name, she was pretty graceful in her movements and seemed to always be in a good mood. Not to mention, an early bird too.
‘I’ll rise. I refuse to shine!’ Alicia answered with a scowl and dove back under the covers.
‘Are you alright?’ Grace asked.
‘Fine’ Alicia answered short. ‘I’ll be down soon. Go have breakfast before me’ she added as she peeked up from underneath her covers.
‘Alright then, I’ll see you soon!’ Grace answered and walked downstairs.
Even after all the commotion, Seraphina still had not woken up. She had eaten a lot of food right before bed and still seemed to sleep it off.
So Alicia slowly sat up more straight and made her way to her closet to grab some clothes and other stuff. She cleaned herself before breakfast and jumped into her fresh clothes still scowling a bit.

As she came down Grace waved at her, she had saved a seat for her and Alicia stumbled towards her and sat down. She was hungry she suddenly realized and gratefully took some breakfast and ate it.
‘It’s still too early’ Alicia nagged a bit when Grace sat all cheerful next to her, enjoying her own breakfast and coffee.
‘Why aren’t you taking your food with you upstairs, eating with Seraphina?’ Grace asked.
‘It is still early, I think she’s still asleep. She’s still very young at the age of 2 weeks, so much of her time is spent either sleeping or eating. Sleeping in the morning it seems today’ Alicia answered, showing a small smile at the once again realization of having her own dragoness and that their bond is still positively developing and getting stronger.
‘That seems to make sense indeed’ Grace answered.

They finished their breakfast and chatted a bit and afterwards Alicia left the table to check on Seraphina. As she came upstairs, she was still sleeping so Alicia quietly walked towards her and stroked her neck.
‘You little sleepy head’ she said softly.
She decided to go get some food prepared for Seraphina before she would wake up and ask for it.
An hour later, Seraphina indeed slowly woke up and drowsily made her way downstairs to go outside for her breakfast. Still groggily on her feet after just waking up, she almost stumbled over various obstacles. But as soon as she arrived at the feeding grounds, she shot in alert at the smell of fresh meat. She eat full of passion and pleasure and her whole snout was covered in bloodstains.
‘You’re table manners do not change with time don’t they?’ Alicia snickered. As Seraphina was cleaned up some more, she looked around to look for Alicia. She noticed her greeting other Aviators, including some of her new potential crew and made her way towards her. Grace was with her too.
Seraphina was happily fed and smiled at the sight of her Captain and wanted to play with her. As she wobbled over to Alicia and almost made contact, she thought she noticed some strange scent in the air. She stopped walking and to make sure, she flicked out her tongue a couple of times to smell it better. Her eyes widened as she registered the familiar yet dangerous scent as she noticed it came from her Captain.
‘Alicia!’ she called in alarm. ‘What happened!? You’re hurt!’ she called and looked all around Alicias body to look for wounds.
The other Aviators looked at Alicia too. ‘What? No I’m not-‘ she started ‘But I smell blood!’ Seraphina interrupted her. ‘What are you-‘ Alicia stopped herself, eyes widened, realizing what she meant. Alicias face reddened in the presence of the other Aviators. Then a second later, Grace burst out laughing as she too got it while the other male Aviators either were clueless or acted uncomfortable and stumbled away from Alicia to give her some space.
Seraphina was still alarmed and Grace still laughing. ‘Grace!’ Alicia called. ‘That’s not helping!’ She dragged Seraphina further away from the other Aviators.
‘Look Sera, I’m not hurt. It’s true, don’t worry’ she told her while looking straight at her and in a comforting voice, recovered from the embarrassment.
‘But I smell blood, how can you not be hurt? I don’t understand. You look and act fine but I still smell it’ Seraphina answered, still unsure.
‘Look..’ Stopping at how to explain it to Seraphina, who was still looking at her all confused. ‘This is the case.. I’ll explain it to you, Sera’ and Alicia explained it as simple as she could and as she continued, Seraphina slowly started to relax.
After some time, Alicia walked back to Grace, looking tired.
‘Well, you start early with sexual education’ Grace joked and Alicia glared at her.
That awkward situation..

Hey everyone! I had this idea in my head for some time now but never got around to type it out. Untill now :) I felt like doing something funny. I love my these new characters of mine :lol:
What do you think of it? Comments are highly appreciated^^

Also, I used a reference to an episode of an amazing series I love in this short story at ‘I’ll rise. I refuse to shine!’ Did any of you get it? =P You get a cookie if you did =P But it might be quite a hard one xD

Seraphina, Alicia and Grace (c) to me
Temeraire series (c) Naomi Novik 


10 question meme

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 15, 2014, 11:16 AM
Stole from :icontwilightsaint: just because :P

1.) You must post these rules.

2.) Answer the ten questions the person who tagged you made and make up your own 10 questions for the people you tag to answer.

3.) Choose ten people and put their icons on this journal.

4.) Go to their pages and inform them that they have been TAGGED!

5.) Not something stupid, such as, 'You are tagged, you read this.'

6.) You have to legitimately tag 10 people.

7.) No tag-backs.

8.) Can't say, 'No tags.'

9.) Everyone that has been TAGGED must make a journal entry.


Ten Facts About Yourself:

1.) I like to swim

2.) I can be over-enthusiastic about things I love sometimes xD

3.) I love to go to anime conventions when I can :)

4.) I have one female cat as a pet

5.) My favorite color is sky-blue

6.) I absolutely love the Temeraire book series and are re-reading it at the moment. It needs more love!

7.) I’ve always liked music but really started to love it around 2 years ago. It sky-rocketed xD

8.) I don’t really have a fear for a certain animal, only instinctive danger-fear

9.) However, I’m terrified of throwing up, very stupid fear but I have it..

10.) I’d love to travel around the world in the near-future


Questions For Me:

1.) What's your favourite hobby?

Watching series/movies (both at home or in teh cinema) with my best friends

2.) If you were an animal, what would you be?
Hmn.. personality-wise (not going too much into this on here) I think some kind of ungulate.. But what I WANT tob e if I were an animal, it’d be a red fox :) (Western dragon most of all but ‘normal’ animal, red fox)

3.) Do you enjoy landscaping?
What must I interpret this as? :/

4.) Would you like to live in a big house or a small one?
I think.. big, but it must be cozy and feleing nice and relaxed. I like to have space so I chose big but if it’s not cozy and a small house is, I’d chose small house

5.) Digital or traditional art?
Digital art

6.) Do you like to travel?  If so, where to?
I love traveling to other places (countries that is, vacations). I’d love to go to Japan :) Or New Zealand, or California or Canada again (I have many on my list xD)

7.) What is your favourite movie genre?
Fantasy, comedy and adventure

8.) Do you have any favourite celebrities/athletes?
Ariana Grande, Ariana Grande, ARIANA GRANDE!!!! <3 *obsessed fangirling*

9.) What do you think about astronomy?
I think it’s pretty interesting and I woudl like to know mor ebut it’s so hard to really undertsand..

10.) Sweet or spicy food?
Sweet food for sure!


Questions For Those Who Are Tagged:

1.) What is your favorite tv series?

2.) Do you watch anime, do you like it?

3.) Who is or are your favorite singers/bands?

4.) Your favorite season?

5.) Have you ever role played with a created character?

6.) What was the farthest journey/vacation you have gone to?

7.) Do you have any siblings?

8.) What’s your favorite sport?

9.) Have you ever been to some kind of festival or convention?

10.) Have you ever scuba-dived?

I Tag:

Whoever wants too, idk  :P

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