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Which of the Olympians is your favorite and why? (There are 12 but only 10 options xD) 

2 deviants said Poseidon / Hades, God of the Sea / God of the Underworld
1 deviant said Artemis, Goddess of Moon/Hunt
No deviants said Zeus / Hera, King of the Gods / Queen of the Gods
No deviants said Hestia, Goddess of Hearth/Home
No deviants said Athena, Goddess of Wisdom/War
No deviants said Apollo, God of Light/Music/Prophecy
No deviants said Aphrodite, Goddess of Love/Beauty
No deviants said Hephaestus, God of Fire/Forge
No deviants said Ares, God of War
No deviants said Hermes, the Messenger/Divine Herald


Name: Perdicus
Age: 35 years (born 10 March, 1769)
Sex: Male
Nationality: Brittain
Loyalty: Brittain

Likes: Christopher and also Alicia and Seraphina through him, youngsters, telling stories, snowy days
Dislikes: Too boisterous youngsters, disrespectful behaviour, too hot days, being hasted  

Personality: Perdicus is a veteran and this shows in the scars he shows and the fact he isn’t as playful as he was in the past. His more rare playful side is best shown when it has snowed. He likes to roll around in the soft but fresh and cold snow. Apart from being less playful and more composed and calm, he still values humor like in the past. He has a bit of a soft spot for youngsters, he likes it that they bring more sparks into this world, though he sometimes gets fed-up with them if they are to boisterous or loud. He acts as a sort of mentor for younger dragons but also sometimes provides a bit of tough love when needed.

He is serious, calm and proud by nature and prefers to analyze things from a distance rather than jump right in. However, he values his companions and likes to be around them. His status as veteran is valued and others enjoy it when he tells one of his battle stories.

His soft spot for youngsters is heightened when around Seraphina due to her connection to David through Alicia.

Background: Harnessed by David West when he hatched and created a very deep bond with his Captain. They flourished and grew together, learning and becoming more wise. As the years went by, Davids two children joined the Corps and soon were both serving on Perdicus along with their father. Perdicus started to care more deeply for the two children than the rest of his crew due to their ties with his Captain. He felt compelled to protect them as he would their father as long as they’re serving on him and even afterwards. Christopher fought his way to First Lieutenant and inherited Perdicus when David retired at an age of 55 and after 32 years in service.

Addional information:
- He has heterochromia, having two different eye colors. It isn’t that obvious, but definitely noticeable when coming more up close. His right eye is blue and his left eye is green.

Perdicus is a Parnassian male dragon classified as a heavy weight with a weight of 22 tons. His base color is cream colored and his markings are black and red. He has a healthy set of horns around his head and very strong claws which are longer and stronger than the usual dragon, coming with this breed. His head is colored cream and black. The black trails over the rest of his body and is mixed with cream color and some red. His wings however, have very beautiful markings of black and red on cream. He has some stripe-like patterns and also sort of ‘eyes’ on his wings. These markings are eye shaped and colored red and black. He uses them to sometimes startle the enemy. The wing markings are the same both at the dorsal and the ventral side of the wings. He is a bit bulky in appearance, slightly more muscle than the average dragon of his weight and his strongest point is therefore his strength. This lacks a bit in speed and maneuverability.
Perdicus by 10animallover10
Dragon application: Perdicus
Here is a full profile of Perdicus :)  

Perdicus, a male Parnassian dragon. Classified as heavyweight and weighs about 22 tons. He's a veteran of 35 years and this is how I interpret him. He has some scars over his body. On his left side there are scars at his shoulder and thigh. At his right side, there are scars at his tail and his neck (these two are not shown here).

He has heterochromia. His right eye is blue and his left eye, shown here, is more greenish though you notice it best when up close. The green one is sene here.

Perdicus (c) Me
Parnassian breed and Temeraire series (c) Naomi Novik
Perdicus by 10animallover10
Hey everyone! I am working on a NPC for my Temeraire Roleplay. Working on a profile, less detailed as my 3 main characters but still. Here he is.

Meet Perdicus, a male Parnassian dragon. He is classified as heavyweight and weighs about 22 tons. He's a veteran of 35 years and this is how I interpret him. He has some scars over his body. On his left side there are scars at his shoulder and thigh. At his right side, there are scars at his tail and his neck (these two are not shown here).

He does have a bit of a bulky built but I can't really create that so I just tell you. This was especially to show his overall body and markings and colors. Parnassian also have very strong paws and claws, so I tried to make the claws a bit bigger but I don't know if I succeeded.. I'll let people know this all if I ever ask him to be drawn as commission I guess =P

He uses that 'eye' on his wings to startle enemies sometimes. The wings are the same ventral and dorsal in color and markings. He however has a particular physical quirk. He has heterochromia. His right eye is blue and his left eye, shown here, is more greenish though you notice it best when up close. 

Edit: I changed the background color to show Perducus' colors better. He's not white, he's cream colored. Just imagine him flying or walking around with a blue sky above him :)

Perdicus (c) Me
Parnassian breed and Temeraire series (c) Naomi Novik

Back from Los Angeles

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 28, 2015, 12:14 PM

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Hey guys! I'm back from LA again. Battling a jetleg while writing this xD I've been awake with short naps for 24 hours now.

Anyway, it was with oen word, FANTASTIC! I had the time of my LIFE in this vacation! I REALLY didn't wanne g back yet.. :( It went by way too fast..

I've done and seen a lot of things but my favorite of teh vacation is by far the Xena convention in Burbank :squee: It was a BLAST!
Woohooooo! I saw and also met quite some people of the cast and crew, including Lucy Lawless herself! :love:
She's such a nice woman! Really an idol. She's humble, funny, charasmatic, extraverted, tollerant, kind and nice. Many celebs can learn from her and the rest of the cast and crew in manners and how to be nice people to both friends, family, strangers and fans. There are way too many brats in the entertainment business these times.. Gonne post some pictures when I can :)

I looked most forward to seeing Lucy Lawless, Renee O'Connor, Hudson Leick, Alexandra Tydings, Claire Stansfield and Adrienne Wilkinson. I did see them all and even talked a little bit with Lucy, Renee, Hudson and Adrienne. I loved Lucy most^^ Hudson was a second fav and Alex the third, though I loved all of them :) Everyone was so nice! :3(including the artists)

I also love that the convention does a lot with charity, cancer mostly. For example, Hudson auctioned off her dress she was wearing (for 2000 dollars!) and another artist auctioned off some bras xD Or banners with or without autographs.

They made a surprise at the convention, according to schadule, Renee and Lucy first would appear individually and then together on stage but somehting happened.. There was aplay made with the entier cast and crew present! :lol: After this, the schadule went on and Lucy also sang on stage <3 Hudson also congradulated a convention virgin who was struggling with anxiety. She came up to ask Hudson a question ans she was like 'It's you're first convention and you ask a question? Go give this girl a warm applause!' and the whole theatre applauded for the girl :) These kind of things I saw a lot at many of teh cast and crew members and that's what I love so much and restpect highly of them :3

I also went on some photo opps with some of them too. I loved Lucys most. When we were up, I asked her for a hug and she was like 'Of course! Come here!' and after I hugged her and we took teh picture I told her I came all the way from Europe but it was so worth it and she was like 'Excelent! Have fun!' I also congratulated Renee on her belated b-day and she thanks me with a smile. I thaked both of them again after they were done with their autographs and they both nodded with a smile and thanked me and the other fans :D

There was also a karaoke where 3 artists popped up just because :) Also at a prom party at the end of the convention one artist popped up :) I loved it all so much! :love: I made quite some new friend at teh convention, all ages :) If you were there also, and want to chat, don't hesitate! I'd love to talk about it!

I also went on a Hollywood tour of 6,5 hour throughout LA and its suburbs, seeing places and celeberty homes etc. Also went to Santa Monica and we saw 4 sea lion cubs :3 I also went to High Voltage, the tattoo shop in LA Ink just because we could =P Kat Von D unfortunately wasn't there though.. But I have seen her shop so that's nice^^ Also walked a bit around on the Walk Of Fame and went to the Hollywood Wax museum :)

I can go on and on about this amazing vacation but I'm dead, so tired.. Need to go to sleep.


  • Mood: Euphoric
  • Listening to: Lucy Lawless/Xena Singing
  • Reading: Re-reading Temeraire
  • Watching: Xena: Warrior Princess (LOVE this series!
  • Playing: Pokemon Alpha Saphire
  • Eating: -
  • Drinking: Water


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Personal Quote: It's easier to believe in yourself after someone else has believed in you first ~ Gabrielle From Xena Warrior Princess


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