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What type of fighting in series and movies do you prefer? 

2 deviants said Artillery with space ships and other mass destruction weapons, why?
2 deviants said Magical fights all the way, why?
2 deviants said Other, comment
1 deviant said Action with swords, spears, bow and arrow, daggers, axes etc, why?
1 deviant said Action with artillery like guns, pistols, tanks etc, why?


Journal Entry: Sun Dec 14, 2014, 9:39 AM

Why not? I thought I'd try it :) I've never made a wishlist on deviantart before and it looks like funHolidays

- Artwork of my Kitsune family. It's a family of 6, 2 parents and 4 siblings. A family of proud tails by 10animallover10 They each have their own ref sheet, they all can be found in my gallery if you're interested^^ Christmas themed or not.

- Artwork of one or more of my 3 newest characters:
Alicia  Aviator Application: Alicia WestName: Alicia West.
Age: 25 years. (calculating from Event 1 on January 25, 1805) (born June 16, 1779)
Sex: Female.
Nationality: English.
Loyalty: Britain.
Rank: Captain.
Likes: Spending quality time with Seraphina, flying, swimming, being outdoors in nature, animals, dancing, Spring/Summer weather, reading, singing and spending time with a close group of friends.
Dislikes: Injustice, cruelty, being the center of attention, being looked down upon, disrespectful behavior, unnecessary fights or risks, rudeness and the cold (Thus she always wears warm enough clothes when outside).
Alicia is bit quiet and reserved. She needs some time to warm up to people because she sometimes gets overwhelmed by other peoples’ expectations and expertise. (However, she is always polite when meeting new people.) She’s a bit of a perfectionist due to this.
Apart from this trait, she has shown to be able to be firm when needed (as in controlling a crew or her dragoness when needed). Fu
 Captain of a dragoness in the Temeraire universe. Christmas themed or not.
Seraphina  Dragon application: SeraphinaName: Seraphina. (It is of Hebrew origin, and the meaning of Seraphina is "burning ones" “Fiery winged” “ardent; fiery”. In Jewish scriptures, the seraphim are the highest-ranking angels of God (above angels, archangels, cherubim, etc.). They have six wings and are known for their zealous love)
Age: 3 years (calculated from Event 1 on January 25). (born August 20, 1801)
Sex: Female.
Breed: Longwing. (Middleweight class)
Nationality: English.
Loyalty: Britain.
Likes: Spending quality time with Alicia, gemstones and other shiny stuff, being the center of attention, fish, hunting, swimming, flying and music/singing.
Dislikes: Being restricted, being looked down upon, disrespectful behavior, liars, disloyalty, sharing her jewelry and not being able to take a bath (She likes to keep herself clean and gets a bit grumpy when it has taken too long to her liking).
In some aspects, Seraphina is the total opposite of her Captain but they also have much in comm
 Said dragoness. Christmas themed or not.
Grace. Has no application of herself but information can be found in either of the previous applications or in my stories. She's in multiple stories posted after the applications.  That awkward situation..The sunrays peeked through the window onto Alicias face. It did not wake her though and she continued to roam through her dreamscape, but then she was startled up by a rooster crowing loudly.
‘What the-!’ Alicia called out as she shot up straight in her bed. Looking around and seeing the still fast asleep Seraphina on a pile of soft cloths and pillows in her room. Right after rudely been woken up from her dreamscape, and seeing the relaxed sleeping Seraphina, she grabbed her stomach instinctively while a pain shot through her lower abdomen.
‘Oh great..’ she said grumpily.
‘Rise and shine!’ Grace Taylor, Alicias potential to choose Second Lieutenant, called out to her happily.
Grace was not only to be potentially chosen as Alicias Second Lieutenant but they also had developed a friendship before Alicia became Captain of her own. Grace did well in reckoning her name, she was pretty graceful in her movements and seemed to always be in a good mood. Not t
Growing and learning. Hardships and happiness.Alicia woke up at a decent time. Not too early and not too late, she had no so many activities to perform since she became Captain around 3 weeks ago so spent her time to focus on creating a bond with Seraphina.
It was around a week after that embarrassed moment regarding the female human body and Seraphinas cluelessness and concern.  It was pretty hard to explain it to her as simple as possible. Dragons just did not seem to understand, or accept, that human females don’t lay eggs and are fertile 12 times a year. “Well, she at least was curious, that shows her intelligence and interest in me as her Captain so that’s good in creating a bond” Alicia thought to herself. She looked over at the sleeping Seraphina. She really was becoming too big to be able to fit in her room.
She sat up straight on her bed to make herself ready for breakfast. She grabbed some clothes and went to wash herself.
Seraphina slowly woke up and yawned widely. She looked around and coul
 and  InspirationIt was a fine evening, calm outside and not too cold. The weather was slowly turning down towards the more chilly Autumn but for some reason, today was warmer than usual around this time of year. Alicia also remembered it would be a full moon tonight. She walked around outside and breath in the fresh air as twilight was creeping up on the horizon. She had a nice meal and made her way to Seraphina for a calm evening together. She then arrived at Seraphinas clearing and she noticed her being fascinated by something close-by. Alicia walked up to her, studying her, what was she watching? Then Alicias eye fell on a small figure in Seraphinas glance. There, on the bark of one of the trees sat a moth, a most beautiful creature and pretty big too. It was about 2,5 inches and Seraphina was fascinated by it. She had never seen this creature before. Then she noticed Alicia approaching.
‘Hey Sera, what are you doing?’ Alicia inquired curiously.  
‘Oh hey, Alicia. Sorry I did

- Short stories of my characters. Either the kitsune members of the family or Alicia, Seraphina or Grace. Christmas themed or not.

- Or any other gift is fine! It's the tought that counts :) Merry Christmas everyone!  Santa Clause Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer 

Is is snowng overthere? Or is there a chance of sbow where you are? :)

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